ZámekNáměšť na Hané
Zámek Náměšť na Hané

Visiting rules

Visiting rules


  1. Entrance to all exhibition spaces in Náměšť na Hané is only allowed with a valid ticket. The cash register will issue to each visitor a ticket with an indication of the validity date and the extent of the entry entitlement.
  2. For security reasons, the number of visitors can be limited at any one time in each room of the chateau. Organized groups must have at least 5 people, up to 45 people.
  3. Visitors are obliged to obey the instructions of the staff of the castle.
  4. Entrance information is posted at the checkout. Admission is paid in cash in CZK.
  5. Before entering the chateau, the visitor is obliged to postpone all the objects with dimensions larger than 30x40 cm, bags and all luggage, including baby clothes, worn on the back.
  6. Intruders are forbidden to enter the exhibition area and it is forbidden to enter any animals except the guide dog for the blind.
  7. The use of mobile phones is forbidden on the premises of the castle (during the tour).
  8. Exhibition areas are open from May to September from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm except Mondays, April and October only on weekends and holidays from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm Outside of the specified period on the basis of a telephone order. The last tour starts 1 hour before the closing time.
  9. The operator is entitled to adjust the above time. About this, the operator informs the visitor through the Castle and Cities website and displays the information in a visible place when entering the castle.
  10. Visitors are required to maintain the utmost caution when examining exhibitions and exhibitions. Do not touch exhibits and furnishings unless expressly designated and marked as such.
  11. A strict prohibition of photography and filming applies strictly to the premises of the castle, except in cases permitted by internal regulations.
  12. Inside the chateau, outside the designated area, smoking and eating of food and drink are prohibited.
  13. Persons who, by their behavior, can damage exposed collections, endanger the safety of visitors (persons under the influence of alcohol, addictive substances, contaminated, etc.), or disturb other visitors, have access to the exhibition area or may be exposed to them.
  14. If a visitor causes a violation of this visitor's code or any other inappropriate activity in the castle premises, a protocol will be drawn up with him. In case of unwillingness of the visitor, assistance will be requested from the Police of the Czech Republic (paragraph 13, Act No. 283/91 Coll.). The extent, amount and method of compensation shall be determined by the city council.
  15. Complaints can be invoked directly by visitors to the chateau castellan or to Náměšť na Hané.

These Rules of Procedure will enter into force on April 1, 2014.



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